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FENG SHUI AQUARIUMS and WATER FEATURES are good at an entrance or in the far back left of a home in Western School Feng Shui. In Classical School Feng Shui depending your specific floor plan layout the water enhancing placement will vary depending on the spaces unique natal chart.

These are general tips on water placement. Please note, that there may be conflict within the home’s floor plan or natal chart which would mean you should avoid moving water in a specific area. This is why it is always best to have your home assessed by a Feng Shui Expert. Moving water is a catalyst element and it’s proper placement is key. Real flowing water in Feng Shui should be placed in the most auspicious area for your own unique space if you wish to get the best overall results.

Water is alive and sacred, it holds memory, we use it as a catalyst element in Feng Shui to help facilitate change quickly in key areas.

Stacked rocks around the world in many different cultures denote an area as a sacred space to be respected. I love this stacked rock water feature image below as it is using waters flow and showing stacked rocks as added intention within a space.

You can browse and order a variety of inside and outdoor water features by CLICKING HERE.

Make sure when using any water feature for activation that you keep the water clean and clear and you are flowing the waters direction into your space not away from your space.

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