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Feng Shui Crystals for the Home and Office

Where do I place Citrine crystals when using  Feng Shui?

Citrine is considered a good luck money stone. You can place it on your office desk or in a space’s wealth area or a space’s health area (CENTER) for added enhancement. I often suggest placing tumbled citrine on top of a money plants soil for money boost as earth feeds wood. It also does well placed in a water feature for an extra wealth boost. CLICK ON ANY IMAGE BELOW TO ORDER.

LARGE 4 inch WIDE rose quartz sphere LOVE BLAST.

Great for a gratitude and love alter in a central living room. You can also place these in a troubled love and relationship corner of a space(Southwest or far back right corner ) that needs to be remedied.

Where should I place my Rose Quartz in Feng Shui?

Rose quartz is a LOVE and HARMONY stone. It is earth energy in Feng Shui and is often used to remedy areas lacking the love and harmony an occupant desires. Place rose quartz in areas you wish to enhance harmony and love such as your bedrooms and the Southwest or far back right corner (Love and Relationship) area of a space, depending on which Feng Shui school you follow.

Where is it best to place back tourmaline in Feng Shui?

Black Tourmaline a GREAT protective stone against negative influences. You can also carry it with you or have it placed on your office desk to reduce the negative effects of electro magnetic energy. It can also be used to grid an area for added protection.

What is Selenite used for in Feng Shui?

Selenite is a protective stone. I often use this stone near an entry point or to grid an area as a protective remedy. Especially powerful when combines with Selenite for a protective grid.

Amethyst is another great  Feng Shui cure for the following bagua areas: Northeast or front left (Spiritual Growth and Self-Cultivation) , Southeast or far back left (Wealth and Abundance).