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Feng Shui Crystals for the Home and Office



In Feng Shui Crystals are often used as earth element enhancers in the home and office and many crystals have different uses as well as different purposes.

Citrine is considered a good luck money stone. Citrine is often used as a prosperity enhancer for in a home or office. Many will use citrine to enhance the Annual WEALTH Star 8, which is the West in 2021 in Classical School Feng Shui. In Western Feng Shui the far back left is considered the space’s wealth area. Many people follow different schools of Feng Shui so you will need to take this into consideration. For Flying Star Feng Shui you will need to look deeper into the home’s unique natal chart to determine best overall placement of any additional Feng Shui earth elements.

Many enjoy using Citrine on an office desk or in a home’s specific wealth area for an added prosperity enhancement. I often suggest placing tumbled citrine on top of a money plants soil for a intended money boost as earth (crystals) nurtures wood (plants). Citrine crystals can also do well placed in a water feature for an extra intended wealth boost.

It is always best to consult with a professional when doing a Feng Shui change as there maybe exceptions in your home that you need to be aware of before putting a Feng Shui element in place based on your homes unique shape, time of build, annual stars and natal chart to achieve the best possible results.
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Sphere shaped Rose quartz crystals will send out 360 degrees of LOVE output. These spheres are great for a gratitude and love alter in a space. You can also place these in a troubled love and relationship corner of a space (Southwest or the far back right corner if your practice Western Feng Shui). In flying Star Feng Shui the year the property was built, your move in date and the structures compass facing will be needed to identify the best areas for adding your earth crystals.

Rose quartz is a LOVE and HARMONY stone so first ask yourself what you wish to achieve when using rose quartz. Rose quartz is earth energy in Feng Shui and is often used to remedy areas lacking the love and harmony an occupant desires. You can place it in your office or home or you can wear it as jewelry or carry it in your pocket. Place rose quartz in areas you wish to enhance harmony and love such as your bedroom and areas Southwest or far back right corner;the Western school Love and Relationship area of a space.

Rose quartz can also make great gift for yourself (self-love), or can be given as a thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift or House Warming gift! Who doesn’t want more Love and Harmony….Right?

Carnelian Stone Selections are good choices when you need a red earth cure.

How do I use Black Tourmaline crystals? Where is it best to place black tourmaline in Feng Shui?

Black Tourmaline a GREAT protective stone against negative influences. You can also carry it with you or have it placed on your office desk to reduce the negative effects of electromagnetic energy. It can also be used to grid an area or room for added protection. Always make sure to set an intention before use. You can also wear black tourmaline on you to protect yourself from negative influences throughout your day.

Read more an in-depth article written on Black Tourmaline’s benefits and View a larger Variety of low cost fashion jewelry pendants and earrings to make wearing your Black Tourmaline fun and easy wherever you go. JUST CLICK HERE

What is Selenite used for in Feng Shui? Selenite is a protective stone. I often use this stone near an entry point or to grid an area as a protective remedy. Selenite is especially powerful when combined with black tourmaline for a protective grid as selenite amplifies another crystals properties it is combined with. Selenite bowls and plates are often use to cleanse as well as charge other crystals you may have in your space.

WHERE DO I PLACE THE AMETHYST FOR GOOD FENG SHUI? Amethyst is another great crystal that you might enjoy for the following bagua areas: Northeast or front left (Spiritual Growth and Self-Cultivation) , Southeast or in Western School Feng Shui the far back left of a space (Wealth and Abundance). If you practice Traditional Classical School Feng Shui the homes natal chart will need to be considered along with yearly annual stars.

Need to find a great place that you can order these crystals online?

I have loaded a bunch of client crystal favorites HERE.

A Classically Trained Feng Shui Professional will look at these annual energies in conjunction with a homes unique natal chart and annual stars to get the best results before making a recommendation or determining placement. If you want your natal chart assessed to make sure you are getting the best results along with your annual changes we provide affordable consulting Worldwide.

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