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Free TIP! All centers represent Health and Unity in Feng Shui. Make sure the center of all tables express the energy you wish to progress towards.

In 2021 the bad Annual Star #5 ( misfortune star) is in the SOUTHEAST and the Annual Star #2(sickness star) is in the NORTH. Quan Yin statues are often used by many to cure the bad annual earth energies of flying star #2 and #5. If your budget allows it is best to get the pure COPPER ITEMS AS YOUR METAL CURE.

Cooper, brass or bronze are the preferred metals to remedy negative earth energies in Classical School Feng Shui, pure copper is always best but it tends to be the more expensive too SO IF YOUR BUDGET DOESN’T ALLOW MORE COPPER ITEMS YOU CAN USE BRASS AND BRONZE ITEMS THAT YOU ALREADY HAVE.

Promote good health in your space by clearing out stuck energies regularly by ringing a copper brass or bronze bell. Use meaningful metal objects made of copper, brass or bronze to remedy Annual stars 2 and 5 or for rooms with 2/5 or 5/2 mountain /water or water/mountain star combos.

Power Tip of the day… if your meaningful copper, brass or bronze object also makes a sound you LOVE it is even better for clearing energy in your space. This could be a meaningful family heirloom bell that is hung on your wall or a bell hung on the back of a door opened often which will send out a nice sound. You can also use a singing bowl or hand bell daily while saying a meaningful uplifting positive mantra to clear the energy of a room!

These bad earth energies should be cured outside as well as inside. Many use 6 rod metal wind chimes as an outside cure. Inside you can hang a copper bell on backside of an afflicted room’s door or you can clear the space using a singing bowl or copper brass or bronze bell daily.

Brass or copper Wu Lou(a brass or copper shaped gourd used in Classical Feng Shui for Health Luck) can be used inside of afflicted room where annual star 2 resides, especially if the annual 2 resides in a bedroom. Some people enjoy creating a health alter and use the Wu Lou there while meditating on good health if possible also facing the health direction for their Kua. You can order your own Kua analysis REPORT online HERE for only $9.

You can buy these items online HERE but know that Feng Shui trinkets are never needed as a Feng Shui cure. Use items that resonate with you personally.


Laughing Prosperity Buddhas to Bring that little extra cheer and intent of prosperity to your space! Some enjoy using laughing Buddha to remedy the annual 3 star. Some businesses enjoy display a large statue at there reception area while other clients that enjoy creating a wealth bowl display using a happy Buddha in their wealth bowl creation. Pick decor which feels appropriate to your space when considering any of these techniques.

Consider making your own FUN unique wealth bowl creation display for your space!!!

Are you trying to make the most of your space and need to divide a room for privacy? You can hang a track on ceiling with a retracting privacy curtain that allows you the flexibility to open or close a space off when needed.

If you have a gas burning stove where you have a 5/2 or 2/5 room in natal chart or the annual 5 or 2 is visiting you may wish to consider cooking from a portable stove top in a more auspicious area or simple switch out your cook top to one that has no flames for the year when bad annual stars visit if you are experiencing ill effects. Gas burning BBQ’s and gas burning stove tops create flames which are considered active fire energy. Fire flames are said to activate the bad annual stars 5 and 2 in Classical School Feng Shui. If your home has a 5/2 or 2/5 in it’s natal chart where your stove is you may wish to use a non flame stove top such as a such as a induction cook top to reduce the impact of fire element here. Induction stove tops are also great safety features as they turn off automatically when the cooking pot is removed so it serves as a good fire prevention product in a kitchen area. Remember that Induction cook tops require cast iron pots or pans or you can use induction pots and pans.

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