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Feng Shui Fees and Services

Our Company believes in the importance of transparency therefore we disclose all our fees upfront so you can make the best informed decision when you choose the service that best fits your families and/or businesses overall budget and needs.

Home Feng Shui Consultation with Support Package starts at ONLY $299
Advisement is offered on your unique floor plan design, EMF findings, furniture arrangements, lighting, artwork, surrounding topography, décor symbolism and color enhancements will be discussed that can significantly enhance your home’s feel and vitality. This package includes a Feng Shui support manual, bagua report written on your home with 2 hours spent onsite and 2 months of unlimited support as you work through your suggested Feng Shui design changes. The $299 rate is for homes/ or an individual room in a shared household smaller 800 sq feet. Larger spaces are subject to additional fees. You may text use direct for a larger floorplan package quote at 702-364-6809. Credit card payments are subject to a processing fee.
Click HERE to see larger home fee pricing.

Business Feng Shui Consultation with Support Package ONLY $399
Advisement is offered on the current business location, logo design, corporate mission statement, signage, floor plan design, EMF findings, surrounding topography, traffic flow, harmonious furniture arrangements, lighting and colors that significantly enhance business appearance and productivity. This package includes a Feng Shui support manual given to you at the time of your onsite consult, a written bagua report will be prepared on your businesses floor plan layout. I will spend 2 hours onsite evaluating your business and providing you suggestions based on your goals. You receive 2 months of unlimited support as you work through your suggested Feng Shui changes. The $399 rate is for  800 sq feet and below, larger spaces are subject to additional fees.

CLIENT REVIEW Brian Wehner-Business Executive “Rochiel Wallers is inspirational! She took great care in ensuring that her recommendations and insight reflected my needs and desires. Rochiel’s knowledge of Feng-Shui principles and practice is exceptional. Her consultation positively impacted my quality of life!”


LOW COST Worldwide Phone Feng Shui Consulting- $75  for 30 minutes
Talk with a Certified Feng Shui Consultant about any of your specific home or office concerns? Here are just a few frequent Feng Shui phone consult questions. How should I design my new pool in my home’s backyard to enhance prosperity? Where should I place my office desk to best support my future long-term goals? How best can I enhance my career opportunities by using Feng Shui principles in my business and home? Where should I place my water fountain or aquarium  for optimizing my success? Rochiel Wallers can answer all your Feng Shui questions! She can be reached at 702.354.6809 and through Skype or Facebook via video chat to potential clients worldwide.

Online Elemental Report ONLY $24“Featured in the Las Vegas Review Journal”

The elemental report will provide you with a professionally written report of recommended décor tips that you can implement in your home or office to help you maximize your environment specific to your own elemental nature. This elemental report is prepared specific to you and is based on your unique online assessment.

Find out the many specific changes you can make in your space TODAY that can help you to be more productive and happy?

Floor Plan Evaluations Offered Worldwide Prices vary depending on size of building.
Certified Feng Shui Consultant Rochiel Wallers works with Architects, New Home Builders, Developers and Residential Clients evaluating and creating new floor plans that support the best possible design. Would you like to have your floor plan evaluated over the phone before you build, make a significant new home purchase or simply need assistance with a redesign or addition to your current floor plan? Just email us your floor plan at for evaluation. Support is available for Architects, Homeowners and Corporations Worldwide.

Onsite Wall Color Consulting for Home and Business $299
2 hours will be spent onsite with a professional color consultant. This onsite consult allows you to choose and view numerous paint swatches onsite. Paint swatches will look entirely different in a stores lighting verses your unique space you wish to paint so its best to choose color onsite with professionals assistance. An onsite consult will help you to choose the right paint color that will enhance your space and your surrounding decor!

Home Staging Consultations $399
Maximize your home’s look and feel to appeal to buyers and sell fast!
Your home will be thoroughly evaluated. Items will be tagged that must remain on property for proper home staging. You are given a detailed list of what to store and recommendations to apply to your space that will help you to sell your home quickly and for the best possible price and terms. Home Staging Prices start at $399 for home staging a home under 1500 square feet larger homes may be charged at a higher rate.

Interior Decorating Savings at Las Vegas local stores. $500
This service pays for itself with the designer savings. You’ll get guided professional interior decorator expertise aand get amazing discounts by using this service on your furnishings. Customers that have used this service say that this service has definitely paid for itself many times over and YOU GET TO SAVE THOUSANDS in advice with the direct business Interior Decorator Shopping Discounts. You only pay $500 but can easily save THOUSANDS for a full-dedicated day of shopping with an Interior Decorator from 9am to 5pm. Many furnishing stores will allow designers to pass down their interior designer discount directly to their clients while they are shopping with them in local stores.

Looking for a New Home or Business Consult- Starting at $299
Avoid costly mistakes before you make a purchase. A Feng Shui Consultant will guide you in determining your best new location and floor plan layout that will help you to avoid potential costly mistakes. This is a 2-hour onsite consult for touring multiple properties to way the pros and cons that will enable you to make the best overall decision before making a major purchase. This fee includes no written report on the individual properties, but individual written reports are available at an additional fee when requested. If you are looking at multiple properties or locations there is also an optional flat fee all day rate.

Space Clearing and Home Blessing Ceremonies Starting at $299|
Blessing Ceremonies can be used to set a strong intention energetically in a space or anchor in certain applications you have applied within a space that you wish to experience a positive outcome from. Space clearing works on removing the unseen negative energies that can accumulate in a space over time. Previous occupants can leave unseen energies. Space clearing is a useful tool in releasing negative influences within an environment.

Online Worldwide Feng Shui Consultations 3 month package starts at $299
This 3-month package includes an online evaluation of your home or business total price is charged by size of property. Just email your top three goals and concerns with your attached images and current floor plan layout. Advisement will be given on your unique floor plan design, furniture arrangements, artwork, front entrance, décor and colors currently present. You will receive a support manual and written Bagua report on your space. You will receive 90 days of unlimited email and phone support as you work through all the recommended changes.

All clients will receive 2 months of unlimited text or email support as they work through changes with any home or business consult. In feng shui changes and movements are always happening. There are annual star changes yearly that require adjustments and reevaluations, therefore it is important to get initial recommendations done in a timely manner in order to receive the best overall results. Feng Shui is not a one time fix. If a client should require or request another onsite follow up there is minimum fee $199 for any onsite consulting requested to compensate for needed driving time to location and a maximum of 2 hrs spent onsite for the min $199 fee. After 2 hrs onsite additional fees will apply.

Feng Shui Workshops and Individual Classes
Rates vary depending upon size and group. Contact Rochiel Walllers to discuss your specific workshop and educational class needs.

Feng Shui Yearly Annual Updates to be done Every February 4th are ONLY $299 for all previous clients
You will receive a complete chart containing flying star cures and suggestions.

All School Feng Shui Bagua ONLY $4
Need an all school Feng Shui detailed Bagua map to layover your office, plot of land or home to find key areas you would like to improve. Well you found it here! Purchase the ” ALL SCHOOL FENG SHUI BAGUA” TODAY!Click Here for Feng Shui Bagua

The environments we live and work in are significant and effect us! We respond to the numerous sub-conscious suggestions from our environment all the time. Some of these messages might be working against you and your goals.

Be Proactive About Your Wellness. Schedule your Feng Shui Consult today!

Rochiel Wallers
Certified Feng Shui Consultant
Mobile: call or text 702.354.6809

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