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Feng Shui Furnishings and what to consider.

With your Furnishings we want to balance your space to promote a welcoming feel in a style you love. You can easily view in-depth product info, dimensions as well as purchase any furnishing through online stores that disclose the furniture dimensions. Once you have the dimensions get blue painters tape and tape dimensions in your unique space to ensure they fit ell before ordering any items online or through local stores.

Here are a few Feng Shui tips to consider with your furniture items.

High supportive SOLID backed chairs and furniture with NO open slates in the back are good Feng Shui.

Choose oval and round tables and coffee tables allow to allow for a more harmonious flow and the encouragement of more open communication is a space verses furniture with sharp corners.

Open concept entertainment centers with niches allow for opportunities to display your own unique gratitude items to create your own gratitude alter display within your space.

For my Feng Shui and Interior Design clients I will often load many suggested furniture items specific to their space to  consider after I have seen there space and discussed their style preference.

I have loaded some of the most popular products here that many of my clients purchase often to optimize their homes. JUST CLICK TO VIEW.

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