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FREE TIPS! The color of dark brown is a earth energy. The earth element is useful in helping people to rest more quickly at night as well is often a great element in bathroom areas for stopping energetic drainage in outflow areas.

Try getting some positive inspirational word throws for your sofas and bedrooms as this is a great way to tap into the positive energies you want to progress towards.

Metal colored bedding can be added if is it is needed for balance in a room affected by annual 2 or 5. You can add metal colored bedding depending on the homes current elements. Metal colors are white, silver, grey and golden tones. Metal is also expressed in round and oval shapes and design patterns.

Feng Shui is about balancing elements so you have the proper balance of yin and yang in an environment. If you have a overly neutral living room sometimes bringing in fun pops of color can help to liven up a space. When picking out decor pillows and throws make sure you pick an accent colors inline with the enhancing colors that is needed for the Feng Shui Bagua area of your space. It is also important to pick a color that you respond positively to as we all have different neurological responses which can be positive and negative to different colors types.

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