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FUN FENG SHUI TIPS and products often used and why.

FENG SHUI TIP! Bagua mirrors are often used to reflect away negative energy and/or influences. A Bagua mirror is often used when a (Sha Chi line or poisonous arrow) is present at your home’s main entrance. A Sha Chi line can be a T-junction, a large tree, sharp corner or a lamp post inline with your space’s front door. These occurrences can create problems from a Feng Shui perceptive. A Bagua mirror is to be hung and used OUTSIDE as a remedy never hang a bagua mirror inside the home. For those that whom do not like to use Chinese looking items a plain convex or concave mirror can be used for the same purpose.

In Feng Shui plants are used to balance a space and these introductions are called wood elements. Plants such as lucky bamboo or a money tree plants that have strong stalks are a popular Feng Shui remedy. Lucky bamboo or a money tree can do well placed on a working desk as a representation of business growth, or in a spaces Southeast or far back left corner (Wealth Area) for those clients that follow Western BTB Feng Shui. I often use spiral lucky bamboo as it shows a more progress energetic flow in a space. If your lifestyle does not allow for real plants you can use silk money plant. A silk plant is still a representation of the wood element and it is better to have a silk plant than no wood elements expressed in a space at all if you do not have the extra time or green thumb needed to take care of living plants this is the second best option.

Rocks, Shells and Crystals are all earth energy in Feng Shui. There are many times I recommend bringing in more earth elements to further balance or stabilize a troubled area of a home or office. I recommend always consulting with a professional consultant when you are looking to Feng Shui your place; as a Feng Shui book is not able to analyze the current elements that maybe out of harmony in a trouble area.

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Where do I place Citrine crystals when using Feng Shui?

Citrine is considered a good luck money stone. You can place it on your office desk or in a space’s (southeast or far back left corner ) wealth area or a space’s health area (CENTER) for added enhancement. I often suggest placing tumbled citrine on top of a money plants soil for money boost as earth feeds wood. It also does well placed in a water feature for an extra wealth boost.In classical school feng shui this can be used in the are annual 8 resides if your natal chart supports this addition.

LARGE 4 inch WIDE rose quartz sphere LOVE BLAST.

The larger rose quartz spheres are great for a gratitude and love alter. You can also place these in a troubled love and relationship corner for 360 degrees of out put. The relationship corner of a space is in the Southwest or far back right corner of a space depending which Feng Shui school you practice.

Where should I place my other rose quartz items in Feng Shui?

Rose quartz is a LOVE and HARMONY stone. It is earth energy in Feng Shui and is often used to remedy areas lacking the love and harmony an occupant desires. Place rose quartz in areas you wish to enhance harmony and love such as your bedrooms and the Southwest or far back right corner (Love and Relationship) area of a space in Western BTB feng shui.

Where is it best to place back tourmaline in Feng Shui?

Black Tourmaline a GREAT protective stone against negative influences. You can also carry it with you or have it placed on your office desk to reduce the negative effects of electro magnetic energy. It can also be used to grid an area for added protection.

What is Selenite used for in Feng Shui?

Selenite is a protective stone. I often use this stone near an entry point or to grid an area as a protective remedy. Black tourmaline is especially powerful for protection when combined with Selenite as a protective grid.

Amethyst is another great Feng Shui cure for the following bagua areas: In Western BTB Northeast or front left (Spiritual Growth and Self-Cultivation) , Southeast or far back left (Wealth and Abundance) are often advised placements.

Use metal cures for Annual #2 sickness star and a 5/2 flying star combo in your space. Moving metal cures in a room do not have to be Chinese looking. I often use pendulum clocks or real heavy metal items for my clients that do not want to decorate with Chinese looking objects if they are experiencing the ill effects of a flying star 5/2 combo or the Annual #2 sickness star.

FREE TIP …This most important thing you should do first is use what you have and love and just reposition the right elements in the correct areas depending upon the unique Feng Shui findings of your space. You never need to buy a Feng Shui trinkets to achieve good Feng Shui in your space. It is only important that you are using the correct elements in the correct areas for balance. The shape or form your Feng Shui enhancements or remedies take on should be meaningful to you. Some people really love using Feng Shui Trinkets or objects as these are the items that most resonate with them most culturally.

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