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Pyramid Feng Shui is the most scientific and holistic of all schools of Feng Shui. Pyramid Feng Shui believes that Feng Shui cannot be applied to the place alone or just a client’s birth date, this process tends to generalize and does not take into consideration the essence of who the people are. Pyramid Feng Shui’s goal is to acknowledge more specific characteristics of the person’s being, psychology, personal beliefs and values. Pyramid Feng Shui does not want to limit the use of knowledge by only recognizing a few systems because when doing this you also limit the possibilities to the client. Pyramid Feng Shui includes flexible parameters which allow for the addition of new cutting edge discoveries on environment and human development. Pyramid Feng Shui believes in the application and study of biology, physics, anthropology and primary imaging. These techniques identify the psychological aspects of how a person responds both positively of negatively to certain environmental conditions. This science is know as the “person-place connection.” Pyramid Feng Shui practitioners are also educated in building-biology, which is the study of how certain electro magnetic fields, lighting, and toxins can affect a human’s health within an environment.

Form School Feng Shui was the first Feng Shui to be developed over 6,000 years ago. It began in little villages in the Orient. Villagers used the principles of Form School Feng Shui to determine where the best areas for prosperity and survival were. They determined this by the shapes of nature which were significant aspects of a place’s output of conditions that were real and present. Their livelihoods were dependent on this as it was important to not locate ones dwelling were it would be subject to dangerous winds or flooding. Form School studied the formations of the land and weather patterns in order to best determine where to live and build their homes for the best survival. Over time Feng Shui developed and was used by Emperors to ensure success. Folk Lore has it the original Feng Shui masters were hired by an Emperor to wage wars. This Emperor become fearful of the Feng Shui masters. The Emperor feared that these Feng Shui masteres may use their skills against him, so he ordered the Feng Shui masters put to death.

Many of the Feng Shui masters went into hiding in the Buddhist monasteries in fear for their lives. Many Buddhist monks were then trained in the ways of Feng Shui because of this. This resulted in the beginnings of Black Sect Buddhism Feng Shui (BTB).

Black Sect Buddhism Feng Shui (BTB) then began. When Feng Shui reached Tibet it became incorporated with the Tibetan Buddhist teachings. The resulting Black Sect Feng Shui, also referred to as Black Hat Feng Shui, emerged from a mixture of Chinese Feng Shui, Bon, and Tibetan Buddhism teachings. The bagua is a very important tool in this school of Feng Shui. The bagua; also referred to as the “Pa kua” in some schools of Feng Shui, symbolizes nine different aspect of your life. These areas are referred to as wealth, fame, love, family, health, children, wisdom, career, and helpful people. Black Sect Buddhism Feng Shui believes that there is a baqua for your plot of land, a bagua for your entire house, and a bagua for each room within your home. The bagua is used to enhance certain areas that you would like to see positive change or identify areas that maybe missing which may need to be addressed or corrected.

Compass School Feng Shui is based upon thousands of years of data. This school uses eastern astrology and believes that a client’s birth date, when the building was built, and when you moved into an environment is of great importance. The Compass School uses the Lo Pan compass directions to determine the nine aspects of life within the bagua.

The history of the Lo Pan compass takes us back to the Chou dynasty (770-476 BCE). The Lo Pan compass consists of a magnetic needle that point towards magnetic north not true north. Compass School Feng Shui, sometimes also known as Classical School Feng Shui, believes that the sections of the bagua should be placed over the entire building, not room by room as in Black Hat Feng Shui and Pyramid Feng Shui. The Lo Pan compass therefore determines the locations of the nine aspects of life represented in the Bagua. For example, in Compass School Feng Shui your wealth sector of your home would be in the floorplan’s southeast corner, were as Black Hat Feng Shui would determine the location of your home’s wealth sector by the how you enter into the front door with the wealth sector located in the far left corner of the home’s floorplan,then room by room, and (BTB) would also evaluate the bagua over your plot of land.

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