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Inspire Your Positive Change, Growth and New Beginnings through the Application of Feng Shui & The Law of Attraction

This book has been created for anyone who has a love or interest in Feng Shui or The Law of Attraction.

This book is unique as it honors all schools of Feng Shui and explains different approaches so you can choose what resonates with you and your life style preferences.

All knowledge has value. This book is a great introduction for those who are not sure they know what Feng Shui is and may feel it is a bit foreign or strange to them. This straight forward approach covers various topics on Feng Shui and how Feng Shui can work for you and promote maximum well-being.

This is a great book for your personal library or a gift to give to anyone interested in experiencing more abundance, happiness and a better quality of life!

Available as a e-book. Preview this book’s pages.

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“Rochiel’s expertise and passion for her craft shines through in this extensive book. The content is informative, instructive and inspired! She’s an expert at effectively blending her prosperity-conscious Feng Shui practices with the law of attraction principles; thereby further encouraging manifestation. This book is an invaluable tool for anyone wanting to attract joy and fulfillment in all aspects of life.” -Carole Tessier, Founder of The Law of Attraction

“The Secret of Feng Shui Living by Rochiel Wallers is an excellent read for the Feng Shui novice as well as those more experienced with the practice. I found Rochiel’s explanations of this deep and life changing subject to be very informative, entertaining and inspiring. Rochiel gives us a wonderful overview of Feng Shui and then brings us back to how we can take this ancient art and transform our own lives with it. One of my favorite parts was the vision board chapter where she guides us to make this application Feng Shui style. I highly recommend reading The Secret of Feng Shui Living. It might just change your life.” -Montana Black, Artist-Art by Montana Black

“Thank you Rochiel for making the best kept secrets of feng shui made accessible for everyone……your book is fun and filled with easy and practical information to bring love, peace and abundance in peoples lives. It’s like having your own professional Feng Shui Consultant by your side.” -Amanda Collins, Certfied Feng Shui Consultant/Owner Feng Shui Fusion Inc.

“I am very impressed with the detail and information Rochiel has provided in this easy to read guide to Effortless Feng Shui. Her approach is integrated and designed to help anyone looking for information about how best to address the problem areas in their homes or offices. Being in the alternative health field, I am very supportive of the aspects of her book that are holistic in nature, providing information about the harmonizing effect of Feng Shui on emotional, mental and physical health as well as the obvious benefits of beauty, energy flow, prosperity, and relationships. Rochiel’s training is extensive and allows her to integrate various methods of Feng Shui to create the highest benefit for her clients, which I am happy to say, I now am. I highly recommend this book to anyone wishing to learn more about Feng Shui and its benefits to their life.” -Michelle Johnson, Naturopathic Doctor

“Rochiel Wallers has combined the Law of Attraction and Feng Shui principles in her easy to read book, The Secret of Feng Shui Living. She has made it very clear and straight forward. As a professional Feng Shui Consultant, I would highly recommend this step by step book to anyone, from the professional to the novice.” -Mary Clibze, Professional Feng Shui Consultant

“This book was an easy read for any beginner interested in Feng Shui. The book was very inspiring, informative, clear and concise. After reading The Secret of Feng Shui Living I now have a true understanding of Feng Shui and how I could personally benefit from it in my everyday life.” -Michelle Smith, San Diego, CA

“I have read dozens of books on Feng Shui and I found this to be the most concise, accurate, and practical guide yet. With nods to more than one school of Feng Shui, Rochiel gives you immediate and realistic ideas to incorporate into your home, office, business or just one room. To me, the most powerful part was how she incorporated textures into the elements of Feng Shui .I have not seen this anywhere else, and it is exceptional information for picking out art, fabrics & carpet, and takes everything miles further than just looking at colors. I am now very satisfied that I can incorporate each element of the BaGua into my home and that each layer of decorating I put into my space will enhance my home, my family, and my business.Thanks Rochiel for this invaluable guide!” -Lana, Las Vegas, NV

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