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Benefits of a Feng Shui Consultation:
We provide consulting to clients worldwide through mobile video chat via Facebook, Skype, or Whatsapp. It is very easy to tour and view the inside of your space through a mobile device and we can assess  your surrounding topography through google earth, which makes getting a Feng Shui consult easy for anyone worldwide. Did you know that you can promote weight loss, improve your overall wellbeing and alleviate fatigue using Feng Shui? Feng Shui identifies health hazards within an environment and decreases exposure of occupants to hazardous conditions. Feng Shui gets you focused and organized, which helps to create more opportunities and boosts self-esteem. You can also enhance your relationships and improve your wealth. Feng Shui creates an empowering, harmonious and healthier space that makes your life easier. The end result is an optimum environment that greatly enhances your destiny by supporting your overall well-being and personal goals. Feng Shui helps you to achieve more by designing your environment to support your vitality, happiness and success.

Detailed List of what you receive with an Onsite or Online Feng Shui Consultation:
* You will receive a Feng Shui Support Handbook to start you in the right direction with your redesign.

*  The most important goals you would like to achieve in your life, home or office will be addressed during your onsite Feng Shui consultation. Solutions will be provided to help you achieve these desired benefits or personal goals.

* You will be emailed a personalized Bagua report on your home or businesses unique floor plan.

* Recommendations will be provided to enhance the Bagua areas of your space you would like to see improvement in that are important to you. The Feng Shui Bagua is an energetic map of the nine different aspects of life. A Bagua is used to identify problem areas in a home or simply locate areas easily you would like to improve. Click to view Feng Shui Bagua

* A detailed evaluation is done and recommendations will be given to enhance the rooms that have the most impact on you in your space.

* Recommendations will be provided to balance the current elements in your space that will help to support your overall goals.

* An evaluation is done on the colors and lighting in your space. Recommendations will be provided based on current color therapy and lighting research supported by Harvard studies and Military research. Current wall colors will be discussed onsite and if needed paint swatches and color suggestions will be given for enhancement.

* Solutions will be provided to decrease stress and organize clutter to allow for better flow.

* An evaluation is done on artwork and symbolism present in your spaces décor.

* An evaluation on the main entrance and for businesses your outdoor business signage and logo will be evaluated.

* An evaluation is done on your furniture arrangements and suggestions will be given to create the most harmonious flow.

* Testing will be done on the electromagnetic readings in your space to identify problems areas and provide you with proper recommendations to best protect your health for clients that  book online consults  you will be shown how to identify these areas within your home yourself and explained how to best protect your health in high EMF output areas. Read more about the effects of EMF’S HERE.

* You will receive 3 months of unlimited e-mail and phone support with all home and business packages while working through the recommended changes given onsite.

Home Feng Shui Consultations Packages start at ONLY $299

Your Certified Feng Shui Consultant is a Graduate of The Feng Shui Institute of America and has trained in numerous Feng Shui Schools. Feng Shui is about creating environments that are balanced and harmonious therefore enhancing  the occupants well-being and success. You will receive a  Feng Shui support manual, a Feng Shui bagua report will be emailed on your home’s unique layout. If your home or individual room in a shared home is under 800 square feet the fee is ONLY $299  with 2 hours spent onsite or via mobile video chat to evaluate your space. If your home is larger than 800 square feet PLEASE NOTE that a higher fee will apply. SEE BELOW

Homes that are 850 sq ft to 1450 sq ft will be charged at a $399 rate. Homes 1500 to 2200 sq feet will be charged at a $499 rate. Homes 2250 to 3200 sq feet will be charge at a $599 rate. For homes larger than 3200 square feet please text directly for a specialized quote at 702-354-6809. With any onsite consult if your home is over a 45 minute drive an additional travel fee may apply. Credit card payments are subject to a processing fee.

We can easily offer you a remote mobile video tour option any where worldwide just send us the address of property so we can evaluate land forms and surrounding topography through google earth and provide us with a rough sketch of your floor plan layout with compass directions denoted on your floor plan and the actual exact compass degree direction of  your front door looking out to get started before we mobile video tour the inside of your space.

Our Company believes in the importance of transparency therefore we disclose our fees upfront so you can make the best informed decision when you choose the service that best fits your families and/or businesses overall budget and needs.

Business Feng Shui Consultations with Support Package ONLY $499
You will receive a detailed evaluation on items  listed above on your business. This package includes 2 hours onsite or online touring of space with  3 months of unlimited support as you work through your suggested design changes. The $499 package is for businesses 1000 sq feet or less larger spaces will be charged at a higher rate.

CLIENT REVIEW Jacque Pratt-Las Vegas, NV  “Early this year I felt my life was in chaos. I was uncomfortable about my home, business and family relationships. I knew I needed some help and guidance to get back on track with things. I have known about Feng Shui and believed in it. When I heard about Rochiel I knew I had to call her. My consultation with her was amazing! I was so impressed with her ability to sight things instantly and her questions kept me thinking long after she left. Once I began implementing only a few things she recommended, I could not believe the positive difference. I have been so inspired by the personalized home Bagua she prepared for me and constantly refer to it. The elemental evaluation was extremely insightful and opened my eyes to many things about myself I kept denying.  I continue to refer to my personalized report regularly, which helps me stay focused on my goals. My home has become more peaceful and the chaos I was feeling is gone. My business has picked up and my family issues don’t seem to be as intense. I believe having engaged in this project has increased my confidence and I finally have the direction I needed. I would not hesitate to recommend Feng Shui-Design Solutions to anyone.
Many thanks Rochiel!”

Onsite Wall Color Consulting $299
The price of $299 includes 2 hours spent onsite  or online with a professional color consultant. This onsite consult allows you to choose and view numerous paint swatches in your unique home or offices lighting. You should always choose a wall or exterior paint color in the spaces naturally lit environment. Paint swatches will look entirely different in a stores lighting so its best to choose these color onsite with professionals assistance. The onsite color consult will allow you to choose the right paint color that will enhance your space as well as your surrounding décor. A professional designer will assist you in choosing the best walls colors for your home or business that will best support your goals, health and vitality. Please always test a large wall area before committed to paint an entire home and look at that paint throughout a 24 hour period as different levels of lighting throughout the day can effect the way the paint shows on a spaces walls.

CLIENT REVIEW Clark Marcy Las Vegas, NV  “When it comes to colors, I have a hard time judging what’s going to look right.  My house has a lot of different walls and angles to it, and I wanted to take advantage of that.  Knowing that it was going to take lots of paint and lots of time, it needed to look right on the first attempt.  Rochiel came over and very easily hit the nail on the head recommending colors for my walls and where to place them.  I get many compliments on the colors, and often times get asked for the paint codes so it can be duplicated.  Rochiel will be getting my business again someday when I get another house or want to redecorate the one I am in now.
Rochiel your help was much appreciated!”


Featured in the Las Vegas Review Journal”

This elemental report is prepared specific to you and is based on your unique online assessment. The elemental report will provide you with a professionally report of recommended décor tips that you can implement in your home or office to help you maximize your environment specific to your elemental nature. Find out the specific décor changes you can make in your space TODAY that can help you to be more productive and happy? Online Elemental Reports ONLY $24

CLIENT REVIEW Stephanee Zibert- Interior Decorator Las Vegas, NV
“It was truly amazing how accurate the holistic elemental report analysis results were. Finding out the details of my specific elemental nature and needs helped me to make changes where I felt I needed improvements. Rochiel suggested making changes first in my bedroom to help with stability and security in my life and yes it helped immediately. Thank you so much Rochiel!”

Floor Plan Evaluations Offered Worldwide Prices vary depending on size of building.
Rochiel Wallers works with Architects, Building Developers and Residential Clients Worldwide. Are you in a remote location? Would you simply like your floor plan evaluated over the phone before you build, make a significant purchase or do you need help with an addition or redesign? Have your home or business floor plan evaluated by a professional before you purchase, lease, build or decorate. It is easy to get started, just email floor plan to  for review and evaluation.

Home Staging Consultations   $399
Maximize your home’s look and feel that will appeal to buyers and help you to sell fast! Your home will be thoroughly evaluated for 2 hours onsite. All items will be tagged that must remain on property. Additionally, all items will be noted to client that should be removed from the property and stored for the best home staging impression to potential buyers. The client will be given a detailed list of recommendations to apply within the home to sell quickly and for the best possible price and terms.

Interior Decorating Consulting Onsite $600
This service pays for itself with the direct designer savings you can receive. You’ll get guided professional interior decorator expertise and also receive direct designer discounts and wholesale pricing on your furnishings! WOW!!! Customers that have used this service say that this service has definitely paid for itself many times over and YOU GET TO SAVE THOUSANDS with the direct business interior decorator shopping discounts you will receive. You only pay $600 for a FULL-dedicated day of shopping with a Professional Interior Decorator from 9am to 5pm.

LOW COST Worldwide Phone Feng Shui Consulting  $75 for 30 minutes
Talk with a Certified Feng Shui Consultant about your specific home or office concerns. This can be for things such as, suggestions on what colors to paint your inside walls or homes exterior, where it will be best to build your new pool, where you should place an aquarium for prosperity, where should you build an outdoor BBQ or fire pit in your backyard, or a very common concern about a T Junction which is facing your home, for example. Rochiel can help you with any interior design or Feng Shui concern you may have. Just call 702.354.6809 and she will promptly get your concerns or questions answered.

Contact Rochiel directly to book your 30 minute phone Feng Shui consult by reaching her directly through WhatsApp +17023546809 or  text Rochiel direct at (702)354-6809.  Rochiel will be happy to call you so we can go over and cover your Feng Shui concerns or specific questions.  One phone call consult can provide many solutions, remedies and guidance for a minimum fee of $75 for 30 minutes.

The fee can be paid easily through Paypal worldwide. This type of phone consult tends to be a more generalized consult as determining the natal chart of an entire building in Classical School Feng Shui requires much more dedicated time to determine a buildings exact facing degree to discuss the Classical School Feng Shui permanent energy recommendations for a room, home or office. If you require more in-depth Feng Shui Classical School recommendation please refer to the full consultation fees listed on this page link.

Looking for a New Home or New Building Location Consults
Starting at $299
Avoid costly mistakes before you make a purchase. A professional Feng Shui Consultant will guide you in determining your best new location or best lot to build on. Rochiel will also help you to choose the best floor plan and new home options that will best support your goals. This consult will help you to avoid many potential costly mistakes upfront before you make a big purchase or start building. If you wish to spend an entire day looking at multiple properties or multiple new home site locations with a Certified Feng Shui Consultant there is an optional $500 flat fee all day rate.

Online Worldwide Feng Shui Consultations 3 month package $299
This 3-month package includes an online evaluation of your unique floor plan. An evaluation is done by a Certified Feng Shui professional and recommendations are prepared for you in a professionally written report for the rooms that’s have the most impact on you in relations to your goals. Your specific concerns will also be addressed. All you need to do is email your properties address so we can look at your home through google earth, email or text images and the floor plan. You will receive a support manual and written report on your space. You will receive 90 days of unlimited email and phone support as you work through all the recommended Feng Shui changes. Prices start at $299 for spaces under 800 sq feet.

Space Clearing  Starting at $299
Space clearing works on removing the unseen negative energies that can accumulate in a space over time. Previous occupants can leave unseen energies. Space clearing is a useful tool in releasing negative influences within an environment.

Feng Shui Yearly Annual updates for all previous clients to be done every February 4th ONLY $299                               
You will receive a complete chart containing flying star cures and suggestions for that annual year.

All School Feng Shui Bagua ONLY $4           
Do you need a detailed bagua map to layover your office or home to find key areas you would like to improve that has reference points of all schools for Feng Shui on one easy to read Bagua Grid? Well of course you do!

Click on the link below to purchase the ” ALL SCHOOL FENG SHUI BAGUA” TODAY! It is a valuable tool for any Professional Feng Shui Consultant or Feng Shui enthusiast to have and own.Click Here for Feng Shui Bagua

ONSITE Consulting Requests and/or FOLLOW-UPS
All clients will receive 3 months of unlimited text or email support as they work through changes with any home or business consult. In feng shui annual changes and movements are always happening. There are annual star changes yearly that require adjustments and reevaluations, therefore it is important to get all initial recommendations done in a timely manner in order to receive the best overall results. Feng Shui is not a one time fix. If a client should require or request another onsite follow up there is minimum fee $199 for any onsite consulting requested to compensate for the needed schedule of the onsite appointment as well as the driving time needed to the location with a maximum of 2 hrs spent onsite for a $199 fee. After 2 hrs onsite additional fees will apply.

Feng Shui Workshops and Individual Classes
Rates vary depending upon size and group. Contact Rochiel Walllers directly at or text / call 702.354.6809 to discuss your specific workshop and educational class needs.

Positive environments help to create positive futures!

Be proactive about  wellness within your home and office environment by Optimizing your unique Space!

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