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feng shui cures and enhancers 2021

Thank you for showing interest in the beautiful metaphysical practice called “FENG SHUI”. There are many different types of Feng Shui cures and enhancers for 2021. This blog provides a few generalized tips and suggestions used by many as remedies or cures. A Classically Trained Feng Shui Professional will look at these annual energies in conjunction with a homes unique natal chart to get the best results before making a recommendation. There is also others stars to remedy/cure such as the the annual 7 star and 3 star and some will activate/enhance the annual 8, 9 1, 4, and 6 if it is compatible to do so with your home’s unique natal chart.

If you are a Western BTB Feng Shui practitioner or Vastu Feng Shui practitioner you will also find this page helpful in accessing a list of helpful products for a metal balancing element. In Western BTB Feng Shui School one area that is often enhanced with additional metal is the Travel and Helpful people area, which is the front right area of your entire space. In Western BTB Feng Shui School the Creativity and Children area many times will also be enhanced with additional metal colors, shapes or materials. The Creativity and Children area in Western BTB Feng Shui School is located in the right middle quadrant of your entire floor plan.

Many people find all the different schools of Feng Shui confusing. With so many different schools of Feng Shui practiced worldwide this is understandable and we can help you! We provide Online Feng Shui Consultations Worldwide and offer guidance in relation to your overall goals and unique aspects of your space online using google earth technology to view your home or business through satellite and then via mobile video chat we help you address any concerns within your space that you wish to improve or enhance. CLICK HERE to learn more about our services if you should wish to have more in-depth professional guidance. WE are grateful to be RATED #1 on YELP for client satisfaction and results in Feng Shui!

My hope is this yearly blog provides other Feng Shui Consultants, personal clients and practitioners of Feng Shui worldwide with a list of easy to order items representing some fun meaningful ways to add a metal balancing element with an emphasis on it taking on a more personalized form. Please keep in mind these are simply generalized tips and in flying star Feng Shui your homes natal chart should be determined by a Feng Shui Professional as the natal chart is your spaces permanent energy which should be taken into consideration before making an annual star change.

The annual star 2, known as the sickness star in Feng Shui will be in the NORTH in 2021. The annual star 5, known as the misfortune star in Feng Shui will be in the SOUTHEAST in 2021. Do not decorate these two afflicted areas with RED, no candles, no flames and do not do any major digging or renovations here especially in the area that annual 5 resides. If the annual 5 star happens to be in your sleeping bedroom area this year move to a different sleeping room till this annual 5 energy passes. Some clients will use green (wood element), grey (metal element) or white (metal element) bed sheets to help combat against this 5 star in their bedroom area if they are not able to move into another bedroom sleeping area. The sheet color chosen will be best determined by also looking at the homes natal chart.

It is recommended in Classical School Feng Shui that these Feng Shui remedies be in place on or before the Chinese New Year, which is typically early February. The annual energies are always gradually shifting throughout the year, they do not magically just shift in February. If you are new to Classical School Feng Shui and you are getting a late start this year, start NOW! It is better to do your remedies now verses not doing any remedies for this year at all.

In Feng Shui copper, brass or bronze are the preferred metals used to neutralize the negative effects of the yearly annual 2 and 5 star. The annual 2 and 5 stars are both considered bad annual earth energies in Feng Shui. The Feng Shui remedy for the annual star 2 and 5 is to add more metal in the afflicted areas. Some enjoy placing a bronze, brass or copper Quan Yin Statue to remedy the annual Star 2 and 5. If you enjoy using Quan Yin in your home make sure to not place any type of Quan Yin statue on the floor as this is considered very disrespectful. Quan Yin is best placed on a shelf, mantel or on a stand sitting 3 feet or higher. Copper is always the first preferred metal to use but tends to be more expensive so you should do what is within your budget or you can use meaningful copper items you already have in your space. You can view or order your own SOLID COPPER QUAN YIN HERE.

It is important to take note that your remedies will tend to have more impact and power in your space as a balancing element or remedy when they also take on a shape or form that is meaningful to you personally and aligned with your goals. I have seen in my last 25 years of consulting and case studies that Chinese trinkets are not necessary to balance a space. What is necessary is the use of the right element in the right location. The more meaningful the object is to the occupant the more they experience a sense of ownership as to the where and why it is being used in their environment. Feng Shui is NOT a religious practice, so you SHOULD use objects that express your own personal customs and beliefs to be most effective. When you take this into consideration you could then use any meaningful bronze, copper or brass type of statue that symbolizes great protection for you and your family personally to remedy a bad annual earth energy. This could be a copper, bronze or brass ANGEL or LION for example, or just about about protective symbol that resonates with you and your cultural beliefs that is made out of copper, brass or bronze and if it makes a sound ( such as using a copper, brass or bronze SINGING BOWL or BELL ) as a moving metal sound is considered by many Feng Shui Masters even better for clearing out those bad earth energies.

I have many clients that have elected to use a copper or bronze statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary in their home to remedy annual 5 as that is a form that resonates protection for their family personally. The protective symbol used in your home should resonate with you to be most effective. The METAL object never needs to be Asian looking to work in Feng Shui. What is important is that you use the correct metal (cooper, bronze, or brass) to reduce the impact of earth when it is in a negative state, such as the yearly annual star 2 and 5.

The reason we use a metal color and/or a metal product in Feng Shui to fight against the yearly annual star 2 and 5 is because metal is extracted from earth and therefore it weakens and reduces earth’s negative effects in a space. In Feng Shui it is key to make sure that we properly neutralize negative energies to further balance and protect a business or home. This is also the reason you will see suggested 6 metal coins used in Feng Shui as a traditional remedy for a bad annual earth stars or you will see suggested in Feng Shui 6 metal rods in a wind chime recommended. It is because the number 6 represents the metal element in Feng Shui. Therefore using a 6 metal rod wind chime will further provide more expressed metal element through the use of 6 metal rods.

These are simply general cures to address some of the top annual earth energies we should remedy yearly. There are other annual stars such as the 7 and 3 that should be remedied as well. Feng Shui Las Vegas offers low cost consulting worldwide through mobile video chat. JUST CLICK HERE to view our affordable fees and services we provide WORLDWIDE.

I have posted a variety of helpful metal products below which you can use
as your own personal metal cure.


ORDER A BRASS Medicine BUDDHA for annual 2 and 5 by Clicking HERE.

If you do not want to use a copper, brass or bronze statue you can also hang 6 Rod Wind Chime outside an affected area or use a pair of copper, bronze or Chi Lin or Brass Foo Dogs.

Click Here to ORDER this Wu Lou shaped 6 Rod Wind Chime.
This can be used to remedy the annual 2 star at a homes front door.


A “Wu Lou” or sometimes also called “HU LU Gourd” can also be placed on your beds nightstand if your
sleeping room is currently affected by annual 2 this year.

CLICK HERE TO ORDER WU LOU/HU LU for Annual Star 2 (sickness star)

Order brass or bronze Brass Foo Dogs or a pair of Chi Lin for outside your front door
for good luck or a protection remedy at your

You can ring a copper or brass Bell in afflicted room to clear.
Click on Angel bell image above to order this item to remedy Annual star 2 and 5 .

Tibetan Bell Order Here


This popular 6 coin string cure is often hung on the back of door facing the annual 5
Click Here to Order a 6 coin string cure.





Hang a copper or brass bell on the backside of door of an area impacted by annual 2 or 5 star as a remedy.
If you can a copper or brass bell that holds a specific protective meaning to you personally even better.




The above featured Metal heart has a hook on the backside to make it easy to hang on wall in an afflicted room or above a afflicted door.
This heart also opens up so your can place inside your very own written intention.
Click here to order Metal Heart.


Buy a protective front door knocker as a protective cure for your front door.

It is often advised in classical school Feng Shui to hang a 6 rod metal wind chime outside of your homes afflicted areas for the bad annual 5 earth energy. I have loaded a larger variety of metal 6 rod wind chimes below click on any banner to order . Just click on the desired banner to order. Pure Copper items are always best to use for annual 5 but it will also tend to be more expensive. I have posted a variety of helpful moving metal objects, as well as other brass, bronze and copper metal items that are most sought after to help clients find a variety of products that fits within their own budget needs for their Feng Shui annual cures.

The metal calabash is the gourd shaped item featured below often called a “Wu lou” . This is a popular Asian symbol used to combat the Annual 2 star.




Feng Shui is not a religion. Feng Shui respects and honors people from all traditions worldwide. You should choose a metal protection symbol or balancing agent that most resonates with your own sacred customs or preferred style preferences to be most effective in your own space.

A selection of copper, brass, bronze resin and other metal Angels and Virgin Mary.

These are just a few generalized tips and suggestions used by many to remedy the bad annual earth energies. A Classically Trained Feng Shui Professional will look at these annual energies in conjunction with a homes unique natal chart to get the best results before making a recommendation. There is also others stars to remedy such as the the annual 7 star and 3 star and some activate the annual 8, 9 1, 4, and 6 if it is compatible to do so with your home’s unique natal chart. If you want your natal chart assessed to make sure you are getting the best results along with your annual changes we provide affordable consulting Worldwide.
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